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Common Questions About Carpet Cleaning

Q. What are the best carpet cleaning solutions?

A. Steam cleaning is an effective and eco-friendly way of ensuring allergen-free carpets. Touted as the best carpet cleaning technique, this method kills bacteria using steam. When done by trained carpet cleaners like us, it's also safer than any industrial carpet cleaner. Hiring us is also more affordable than buying a machine yourself for occasional use.

Deodorizing, shampooing, and enzyme treatment are for the removal of unwanted smells like pet odor and those from vomit, urine, and even poop. Aside from the bad smell, these cleaning solutions also help kill germs and restore the original color of the carpet. For these steps, we only utilize organic products.

Tulip Carpet Cleaning Eldersburg offers the best carpet cleaning solutions in Eldersburg, MD. We use a systematic approach for our carpet cleaning. It starts with an inspection, proceeds to cleaning, and ends with a final inspection for your approval of a job well done. Moreover, our professional carpet cleaners are skilled and experienced in using cleaning supplies and equipment.


Q. How do I prepare for carpet cleaning?

A. As your reliable cleaning service provider in Eldersburg, Tulip Carpet Cleaning Eldersburg can carry out services with or without your supervision. We will greatly appreciate it if you do some preparation though. One of the first things you have to do is inform your family, roommates, employees or homeowners' association as required so the job can run smoothly.

During our inspector's visit, tell him right away about what caused the grime and damage to your carpet. Don't worry if the sources are unsanitary. As a carpet cleaner, it's our job to help you achieve and sustain a healthy environment in your home.

If you have Oriental rugs, antique furniture or any other invaluable piece in the room we're going to clean, kindly inform us as well. Our staff will work with the utmost care during the whole service. However, a carpet cleaner, tool or cleaning technique may be deemed too risky to use for precious items. It's best to tell us so we know beforehand of anything special to bring with us.


Q. How much does professional carpet cleaning cost?

A. The total cost of professional carpet cleaning in Eldersburg depends on some factors. We consider the severity of the problem and the size of the carpet more than anything else. Additional services like stain protector and upholstery cleaning will mean additional costs.

You may think buying carpet cleaners or even renting equipment and cleaning by yourself is more affordable than professional carpet cleaning. Compared to DIY cleaning though, professional carpet cleaning is more thorough. As a result, you don't have to clean or hire a carpet cleaner that often.


Q. What is water damage restoration?

A. Water damage restoration refers to the professional service that involves cleaning, restoring and repairing structural parts, carpets, rugs, upholstered furniture and other things damaged by flooding or plumbing emergencies. Inspection is the first step in restoration. Through this, we identify the category of water damage and use this as a basis to determine the needed restoration service.

Carpet cleaning and structural repairs are done onsite. Area rug and upholstery furniture cleaning may be done either onsite or offsite.


Q. What does offsite cleaning mean?

A. Offsite cleaning means that we, your carpet cleaners, pick up the dirty or damaged things. (These are made up of portable things like furniture and rugs.) Afterward, we clean them in our facilities and deliver them to your home or office once we're done.

With our free pick-up and delivery service, it will be less expensive and less stressful if you let us handle all steps in offsite cleaning.

Q. How does upholstery dry cleaning work?

A. Upholstery dry cleaning is intended for fabrics that may get damaged when exposed to moisture. Instead of water and water-based cleaners, dry-cleaning solvents are used. As your professional upholstery cleaner, we're equipped with such products and skilled in their application.

Our upholstery and carpet cleaning experts don special gear before using the said products. Dry cleaning solvents are then applied to upholstery fabrics using towels and brushes. Their application requires proper ventilation and placement of cleaning equipment. For upholstery dry cleaning, we suggest performing it offsite.


Q. My son has asthma and dust mite allergies. Can carpet cleaning help?

A. Carpet cleaning is an important part of any cleaning regimen to remove allergens from your home. Clean your carpets at least twice a year, or even more often if the allergy problems are severe. Tulip Carpet Cleaning Eldersburg recommends our thorough hot water extraction carpet cleaning, with powerful suction from our truck mount equipment to really remove all the allergens and decontaminate the carpeting as well. We also highly recommend upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning to reduce dust levels in your home and to improve the indoor air quality. Hopefully these measures will help both you and your son breathe easier!

In between cleanings, regular vacuuming is really important for your son's health. When carpeting becomes too full of dust and other particles, even walking across the carpet can cause these allergens to be released back into the air. You should vacuum your home at least once a week, and twice a week is even better. Pay particular attention to high traffic areas where more outside dirt and allergens are sure to accumulate, and vacuum carefully under furniture as well, particularly around the legs where dust collects. It's better to use a vacuum with a HEPA filter. You should also wash the bed sheets at least once a week to reduce the buildup of dust mites on the sheets.

Hopefully these measures will help both you and your son breathe easier!


Q. If I can buy a spot remover in the grocery store, and even rent a carpet cleaning machine, why is it better to have a professional carpet cleaning?

A. It really depends what results you're looking for. A rented carpet cleaning machine may make your carpets appear clean, but they are simply not as effective as the powerful equipment that Tulip Carpet Cleaning Eldersburg employs. Especially when it comes to steam cleaning, you're really looking for equipment with more oomph -you need pretty powerful suction applied to the carpet, not only to remove the dust and dirt (because that's what you're trying to do, right?), but to also pull out as much of the moisture as possible so that the carpet will dry quickly. It comes down to a pretty simple equation. Over-wet carpet equals mold, mildew, and microbial growth, so you can end up worse off than you started if your equipment's suction isn't good enough!

There's also something to be said for proper supplies and expertise when it comes to stains. Our professional staff has the experience and knowledge to remove most types of carpet stains, and sometimes it really comes down to which solvent is the best for the stain type and the carpet's fibers. Most of the time you'll only find one or at most two types of carpet cleaners on the shelves at the supermarket, and they don't work on every type of stain.


Most importantly, it's easier for you. Why break your back and spend your free time cleaning the carpet throughout your house? Tulip Carpet Cleaning Eldersburg has the equipment, expertise and supplies, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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